The importance of family is second to none

The importance of family is second to none

You have entered in to the decision to bring another life in to the world – a life you will love, care for, protect and do anything to insure its health and well-being. Cord blood should be on the top of your list of things to research before you give birth to the brand new addition to your family.
Banking of cord blood is a relatively new procedure.

The purpose of the procedure is to capture stem cells which are the very first cells to generate, regenerate, and form all of the tissues, organs, and systems in any body. You can only attain them in the first minutes an umbilical cord and placenta are birthed and you must have a medical professional extract them by needle and syringe.

cord blood has been researched for its ability to cultivate new cells and even separate types of cells by replacing damaged ones and substituting healthy cells in their place. Cord blood treatments being investigated include but are certainly not limited to: diabetes, stroke, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, and even heart disease.

If your child were diagnosed with any of these, you would want to know you took the necessary precautions to have the most advanced medical therapies available for your innocent little creation, or even as they grew up and in to adulthood. Knowing that there are stem cells stored in a private facility that have no risk of rejection (like a lung or kidney transplant) as they are cells from the person they will be going to – an exact match always. Studies have even found that cord blood has a very high rate of success between siblings and parents, as well should any of your immediate family members need this product and service.

Unlike some other medical testing and modern treatments, cord blood banking can be considered relatively agreeable by all communities. Controversy may arise over new medications or testing methods and even transplant necessities, but an umbilical cord and placenta have always been considered trash and discarded as soon as the birthing room was cleaned up. Recycling has taken on a whole new meaning. Taking something that was once used to create life and instead of ensuring its disposal, utilizing it to sustain that same life it once began is a revolution in the contemporary medicinal field and among most scientists and scholars.

While the added purchase of cord blood banking may seem like an unnecessary expenditure at the time of arrival for your newborn, think of the medical bills that will arise in the case of something going wrong with your child sooner or maybe later in life. And then, knowing you could have helped with cord blood and stem cells clinically proven to assist in making them better, but considered it frivolous or not in your budget at the time. Make the right choice in caring for your family and decide amongst yourselves to elect a banking facility to house the stem cells and cord blood necessary to possibly save your child’s life. They are worth it.

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